Se Eu Morrer Antes de Acordar

Se eu morrer antes de acordar (2000)

Relógio D’Água

Ao Charlie
Está dividido em quatro partes:

You can’t go through the looking-glass without cutting yourself – Iris Murdoch

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Flores para uma feiticeira
Bitches still sulk, rosebuds blow,
And we are devilled. And through these weep
Over our harms, who’s to know
Where their feet dance while their heads sleep?
Ted Hughes

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Pássaro quase mortal da alma
The death of God has set the angels free. And they are terrible – Iris Murdoch

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Se eu morrer antes de acordar
What, Jenny, are your lilies dead?
Aye, and the snow-white leaves are spread
Like winter on the garden-bed.
But you had roses left in May, –
They were not gone too. Jenny, nay,
But must your roses die, and those
Their purfled buds that should unclose?
Even so; the leaves are curled apart,
Still red as from the broken heart,
And here’s the naked stem of thorus.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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Capa – pintura de John William Waterhouse

A ideia inicial de “Flores para uma feiticeira” veio de um romance de John Dickson Carr, “O Enigma da Cripta” (The Burning Court).
“Se Eu Morrer Antes de Acordar” teve origem no livro “Elegy for Iris” de John Bayley.